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About Us

Why choose OSE?

Why are we in business?

We want to inspire customer facing people to be passionate about the brand they work for and the products or services they will be presenting to your customers. We want to lead from the front and bring our passion for business, and our passion for people to help your business or charity deliver a memorable experience throughout your customer interaction. about us

We know that without your success, we can not be successful. We love the excitement of all business development interactions. Its what motivates us.

We believe that the employees greatest tool is believing in the company, its values and what they will achieve by offering their products or services to their customers.

Where are we based?

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, but we will be working predominantly with you within your place of work or on well sourced facilities for specific training days.

What do we do?

We are a training company first and foremost, designed to give your staff skills in managerial, mental health, resillienace and culture.

How can we achieve it?

With over 30 years managerial and training experience between us, working in companies like HSBC, Barclays, Government, Telecommunications, Utilities and other large organisations, we understand and tailor your requirements to the accreditations and courses we can offer.

Managing Director
Daniel Ireland Managing Director
  • Daniel's Bio

    Daniel, Chartered Manager, CMI & ILM Trainer, wants to inspire employees to be passionate about the brand they work for and the products or services they promote. Daniel has an eternally positive outlook and dedication to relentless hard work with a background in the practise of Meditation and Mindfulness through sister company Awareful, offering a much softer more customer focused inteaction and process.

    With over 20 years experience working within companies like HSBC, Barclays, Dulux and Fitness First, most recently as a Senior Business Advisor for Jersey Business, Daniel always brings his experience and passion for business and his passion for people to help develop with business owners, management and their staff a focused approach to business planning and service delivery.

    Areas of focus include:

    • Business Development Training
    • Mindful Workplace Development
    • Business Case Development,
    • Approaching for Public & Private sector finance
    • Investor and customer pitching
    • Sales & business development strategies
    • Body Language and Tonality
    • Retention and acquisition strategies
    • Coaching and Motivational Training
    • Business Process Mapping
    • Customer Service Excellence
    • Personal Development Planning

    Daniel believes that any employee’s greatest tool is to believe in the company, its values and why they are in business. It allows for an ‘authentic’ customer interaction.

Meet Our Directors

“We believe that the employee’s greatest tool is believing in the company, its values and what they are achieving by promoting their products.
It allows for an ‘authentic’ customer interaction.”
Donna Ireland Training Director
  • Donna's Bio

    With his roots set deep in the mainstream Media industry, Scott has valuable experience in dealing with influential and market-leading brands and organisations.

    As well as establishing a wealth of knowledge about media production and techniques, his experience covers a wide variety of valuable platforms such as Sales and Marketing, Production Pitching, Creative Thinking, Customer Service, Audience Research and Problem Solving.

    Scott has worked for and with some very significant brands such as the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Tigress Productions and is excited to use his experience to help deliver a memorable sales experience for you.

Our Package

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  • Does your business need a dedicated Business Development professional that understands the local market?

    Are you looking to grow the company, but don’t have the time to hire and train staff?

    Are you wanting an experienced business development executive to rejuvenate, motivate or lead your Business Development meetings?

    Whether it is 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, in Jersey or abroad, we will take the time to understand your business, its vision & goals, get to understand your businesses resources and tailor a package to suit you.

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  • Have you starting utilising the worlds second biggest Search Engine?

    Deliver HD quality videos showcasing your store, your products or services and why you are different.

    Why not place them on your website to get better customer engagement.

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  • Do you need a Business Development executive to help give your business or charity the right direction?

    With 40 years Business Development skills we can help develop your team, show best practices or offer hands on 1 to 1 coaching with your customer facing & Admin team.

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  • From business banking help, converting your debtor book to cash and understanding the different states backed quango’s, we can provide you and your business extra value with our relationship.

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