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We help businesses generate sales
The Frequently Asked


  • What is Sales & Service Outsourcing?

    Have you ever gone to see a physio to seek medical attention on your leg because for some reason it is just not functioning right? Well Sales & Service outsourcing is like your physio, but we are specialists in sales & service, and we come in to help especially when you need something to function properly, professionally & importantly effectively.

  • Why should I outsource if my employees are doing the job OK?

    Of course, if you’re perfectly happy with the performance of your employees, there’s no compelling reason to consider outsourcing. But….

    Most businesses and organisations experience some level of turnover. What happens if your key person leaves tomorrow? Or takes maternity leave or gets sick or injured and you need an effective short to medium term solution? Is recruiting and training a permanent or temporary replacement something you look forward to?

    Don’t have the time to train up a new staff member?

    Outsourcing is the perfect solution. An added benefit is that you do not have to worry about complicated employment contracts, staff sickness & holiday pay. We are a business, if we dont deliver you cancel the contract. Simple!

  • Will you provide further assistance when necessary?

    Absolutely. We want to be used not just to deliver your sales goals, but also as a sounding board, or for some quick win advice on a proposal. We would love YSE to be your first port of call when you need any sales or service assistance

  • Isn't sales & service outsourcing just like hiring a temp?

    Not at all. While reputable temp agencies try to supply personnel with the skills and experience required to get your job done, neither the agency nor the individual they supply provides any assurance that the job gets done right. You still have to monitor and supervise the work being done. We provide assurance, we need to deliver for your company, or we don’t get paid.

  • Why would a business decide to outsource?

    Here are some typical decision situations:

    • Resignation of a key employee – outsourcing avoids the recruitment/training effort
    • Employee dishonesty or fraud resulting in termination of employee
    • Business growth brings transaction volumes that existing staff can’t handle
    • Recognition that outsourcing can improve results (faster collection of receivables, higher level of vendor financing from effective management of payables, etc.)
    • Short-term need of a sales or service related business processes to support a project, cover for maternity leave, illness or injury, business restructuring or location startup
  • If I outsource to you, do I still need my Sales Staff?

    Absolutely. We want to get involved with your team, help them with best practices, and allow them to continue on the legacy. We believe in sharing the skills we have learnt!

  • My company data is confidential. How could I outsource?

    We treat all client data as confidential. We carry out background checks on our employees, each of whom signs a “terms of employment” document in which they pledge to maintain confidentiality in respect to client data. We restrict access to our premises and computer systems, and to data backup media. We shred all waste paper.

    In most cases outsourcing actually increases confidentiality, as we are outside the “water cooler gossip” loop.

  • What happens if I decide to terminate the outsourcing arrangement or if it is terminated for some other reason?

    When we set you up as a customer, we do so with the expectation that the relationship may end at some point. We act as custodians, not owners of your data. While we own the process, we obligate ourselves to provide you with appropriate process documentation and re-conversion support should you ever choose to end the relationship. It’s a two-way street. There are some circumstances (non-payment, unethical or dishonest behavior, criminal acts) under which we have the right to initiate termination of the relationship. In such cases we serve our mutual best interest by ensuring that the services you outsourced can quickly be taken back in-house.

  • How long does it take to put outsourcing in place?

    Our preference is to have the opportunity to complete an assessment and proposal, which takes 2-3 weeks. Following acceptance of the proposal we may have to go through a conversion exercise or obtain or configure equipment. In our proposal we will identify the time required to do this. In most cases we can be up and running immediately after acceptance of our proposal, operating with work-around or interim processes as we complete the conversion or configuration activities.

  • What happens if I decide I no longer want to outsource a process?

    This situation arises all the time. For example a restructuring or change of personnel may lead to your decision to de-outsource a process. We expect to be able to transition a process back to you and your staff quickly. How quickly depends on the amount of training or transitional support required, but in most cases a month is ample time.

  • Is my business too big or too small for outsourcing to work well?

    We believe that outsourcing provides benefits to businesses and organizations whatever the size.

    Obviously our capabilities and resources limit the volumes we can handle. For an engagement beyond our current capacity we would likely propose a phased implementation. If we do not feel we have the capability (human resources, industry knowledge) to provide quality service, we will not submit a proposal.

    Even a one-person business can benefit from outsourcing. For the arrangement to work the owner must feel they can confidently delegate the process to us. Additionally, business processes have economies of scale, and where there are only a few transactions the cost of outsourcing a process may appear high – though the benefits such as freeing up time to deal with sales and service issues may still make the cost worthwhile.

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