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Mindful Workplace, Jersey Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence

Mindful Workplace

Understanding Emotional Intelligence is Vital to the growth of your team and business

Some local Businesses with a Mindful Workplace:

Toxic emotions disrupt the workplace, and mindfulness increases your awareness of these destructive patterns, helping you recognise them before they run rampant. It’s a way of reprogramming your mind to think in healthier, less stressful, ways. Mindful Workplace

Mindfulness Definition

Mindfulness essentially means moment-to-moment awareness. Although it originated in the Buddhist tradition, you don’t have to be Buddhist to reap its benefits. This description explains the basic philosophy:

When you are mindful…You become keenly aware of yourself and your surroundings, but you simply observe these things as they are. You are aware of your own thoughts and feelings, but you do not react to them in the way that you would if you were on “autopilot”…By not labeling or judging the events and circumstances taking place around you, you are freed from your normal tendency to react to them.

Mindfulness enhances emotional intelligence, notably self-awareness and the capacity to manage distressing emotions. It also delivers these measurable benefits:

  • Reduced stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved memory
  • Less depression and anxiety

Initial Consultancy

We offer a FREE initial meeting to tell you more about mindfulness and what we can offer your business.

Working within Your Budget

We have several avenues to allow your workplace to be introduced to the practise. From 30 minute to hour and a half workshops, weekly lunchtime sessions for the staff as well as retreat days and weekly mindful plans.

The Plan

We will put together an outline of the activities for you to distribute to the staff. We can also be on hand to help with any questions they may have about the practise.

The Follow Up

There is also an opportunity for a 6 month follow up consultation to see how progres is coming along for your team members.

The Feeback

“The whole team at Rowlands would like to extend their sincere gratitude to Daniel Ireland from Capturing Presence. The course is brilliant and converted even the most sceptical to the incredible benefits of meditation. We highly recommend Dan and his lunchtime sessions to anyone that wants to improve their focus and concentration, manage stress and increase energy levels!” Rowlands Recruitment

“In the next 10 years Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence will be as widely adopted as nutrition and fitness as requirements for a stable and healthy mind” – Bloomberg Businessweek