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Video Storytelling - OSE - #weareOSE

Video Storytelling

We help businesses engage with customers through video
Video Storytelling

Too often – company, brand and product messages get lost in translation through textual advertising. Videos help to annul this issue and support brands to broadcast what they do and make it a lot easier for consumers to get an understanding of a company’s philosophy and values. First and foremost, the consumer will be presented with the vital information on the product or services on offer without having to work for it! All in a nice, neat, engaging and easy to ingest package.

“Video offers businesses huge opportunities to develop both a richer customer experience and develop new marketing opportunities” – Econsultancy

People love watching videos! Consumer behaviour analysis proves that people find websites/promotional material utilising videos far more engaging than those without. The addition of a video creates an all-round better customer experience when brands are looking to sell a product or service – leading to increased sales and enquiries.

Initial Consultancy

We offer a FREE initial meeting to tell you more about our Video Production services and to discuss potential ideas. This initial meeting will help us to get a good understanding of your company’s ethos, direction and products + services on offer

Pre-Production – The Plan

Evaluating the initial consultancy and writing up our production ideas. Putting together a shotlist/storyboard for the shoot, organising all the necessary paperwork and putting everything together for you before we proceed

Production – The Shoot

Tailor-made to your individual company/products/services as planned out in the Initial Consultation and Pre-Production process

Post Production - The Edit

Using the most up-to-date editing software we will go away and turn our raw ingredients into a smart, fresh, high definition video for you to use on your website, YouTube, Facebook and any other medium at your discretion. including a ‘first-edit’ where we give you the opportunity to give any feedback for us to take into consideration before producing the finished article and something you and your company can be proud of

  • Product Presentation Videos A short video that your customers will be able to easily engage with. Companies selling their products on the web through the medium of video are finding that they are leading to increased enquiries and ultimately sales.

    Talking Head Videos

    These give senior management teams a visible presence on the website, allowing you to talk through a product or service range, offering help or advice, or even simply addressing your customer base.

    Each of these can contribute significantly to increased enquiries, sales and familiarity of your services to your customers (and staff).

    Event Coverage Videos

    Imagine you can have that Event experience recorded, put into a neat little package and broadcast on your website and other internet-based social platforms!

    Multiply your potential audience at these events by having us record your input and see your sales and enquiries grow with it! Don’t let your hard work be wasted time.

  • The digital era has totally transformed the consumer experience. With YouTube now one of the most frequented websites on the internet, and officially the second largest search engine used – online video marketing/advertising has become an integral part of reaching your target audience. Videos we make for you can be used wherever you see fit – on your website, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many other supporting platforms – all adding up to more sales and enquiries on your products or services.


“The engaging nature of video encourages users to spend more time on a page, thereby increasing stickiness and revenue” – Bloomberg Businessweek

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